Luis Luna
Luis Luna
About ten years ago, I “discovered” a program on WPKN. The show focuses on alternative music from the Latin-American diaspora; their experiences, and the realities of the documented & undocumented immigrant community here in the United States. I became a fan of the program.

One night I ran into a group of people at a New Haven ‘dive’. It turned out that three of them were hosts of ¡Barricada!, and without knowing it, I was telling then that they should tune in to their own radio show! Big laughs followed; then I received a formal invitation to visit the WPKN Studios and check out their program.

It turned out they were, also, deeply involved in the fight for social justice in Connecticut. I became an activist and community organizer. Now, I host my own self titled program, Módulo Lunar, mixing alternative music & social justice issues that amplify the collective voices in our community.

Luis Luna is the field director at the Working Families Party in Connecticut, a photographer, artist, interpreter, and longtime immigrant rights activist. For over eight years Luis has hosted his own monthly program Módulo Lunar on WPKN-FM Community Radio in Bridgeport, CT, where he mixes alternative and politically charged Latinx music with discussions of social justice issues, to amplify collective voices in his community.

To learn more about Luis, visit his podcast.

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