Módulo Lunar // The Lunar Module is a monthly program that airs every third Thursday of the month from 4 to 7 pm hosted by Luis Luna, producer and community organizer.

This show is a platform for diverse Latinx music from across the American Continent including the U.S. These sounds drape the acoustic stage to discuss and elevate social justice issues and collective liberation programming.

Luis brings activists, organizers and members of the community from across Connecticut and the U.S. to amplify our collective voices.

Melting the IceAbolition TransmissionAbolition Transmission is a radio collaboration between incarcerated abolitionists and organizers on the outside. This program is meant to amplify the voices and experiences of our community members who are incarcerated across the United States within an abolitionist framework.

Melting the ICE is a radio program that highlights stories of people affected by detention and deportation to help us understand the mechanisms that drive it.

These programs address the conditions and realities of life behind the walls with updates and reflections from those inside.

Luis Luna
Luis Luna
I host Módulo Lunar, mixing alternative Latin American music & social justice issues that amplify the collective voices in our community.

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