Doc Hardy
Doc Hardy
Doc Hardy has music and radio broadcasting in his blood. His father, Hal Hardy, was “DJ Soul on Ice” in the 1970’s, and was a pioneer in Connecticut for black radio personalities. He appeared on WNLK in Norwalk, WSTC in Stamford, WICC in Bridgeport, WINE in Danbury and WEBE in Westport.

Tone used to help his Dad DJ weddings and events in CT and NY in the 1970’s and was a DJ himself from 1984 into the 1990’s. Always a lover of Soul and Jazz music, Tone launched the Jazz radio show, “Jazz On Ice – The Sunday Brunch”, in January of 2017 on WNLK and WSTC. He joined WPKN in 2108 and continues in his mission to preserve Soul music, or as his father says, “put Soul on Ice.” “Music is medicine,” he closes each show with, “…and I AM The Doctor.”

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