Del LaPietro
Del LaPietro
As part of community outreach at WPKN, I have been a Recording Engineer of live shows, have been an Audio Mixer of multiple in-studio performances, and have Stage Announced live bands at various sites throughout CT. I have also been involved with Engineering and mixing live or pre-recorded interviews, doing WPKN tech re-work of two studios, and have been passing on my knowledge of WPKN in-studio, and live remote recording technologies.

I was WPKN Library Director from 2012-2021, and have been dubbed ‘the Anarchivist’ by a colleague, because of my interest in, dedication to, passion for preserving the past, present and future of the WPKN collection.

I was a Recording Studio technician with CBS Records, Sony Music Studios, and the Hit Factory Studios, in NYC. Curated and participated in multiple open mics throughout NYC, procuring venues in the process. I have also been Radio Technician and Emergency Tower Technical Maintenance assistant for WIZN Burlington, VT. Assisted an integrated team of engineers, installed Vermont Public Radio, in Colchester, VT. Education: ASEE Norwalk State Tech, CT.

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