Del ‘In Transition’  with Del LaPietro.

Del ‘in Transition’ was made in 2011, with the first show being 11/11/11 on the overnight with Icon, who, at the time was the volunteer director.  After a few fundraisers while answering phones, he asked the question with his baritone voice: ‘Would you like to do radio?’

‘in Transition’ is a primetime, drive time show broadcasting out to WPKN’s listening audience Live in the studio each and every Friday from 7 to 9 in the morning. It has become a show loosely based on informing our listeners what comes into the library here at WPKN on a weekly basis, the live shows touring through our area augmented with live or pre-recorded interviews, and the community outreach of the folks and musicians that make up our neighborhood. Whether it’s Blues/Rock/Soul, R&B/Gospel, it is a feeling more than a specific genre. It is in the mix, and how it is presented to our listening audience.

Del LaPietro
Del LaPietro
As part of community outreach at WPKN, I have been a Recording Engineer of live shows, have been an Audio Mixer of multiple in-studio performances, and have Stage Announced live bands at various sites throughout CT. I have also been involved with Engineering and mixing live or pre-recorded interviews, doing WPKN tech re-work of two studios, and have been passing on my knowledge of WPKN in-studio, and live remote recording technologies.

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