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Del ‘In Transition’  with Del LaPietro.

Del ‘in Transition’ was made in 2011, with the first show being 11/11/11 on the overnight with Icon, who, at the time was the volunteer director.  After a few fundraisers while answering phones, he asked the question with his baritone voice: ‘Would you like to do radio?’

‘in Transition’ is a primetime, drive time show broadcasting out to WPKN’s listening audience Live in the studio each and every Friday from 7 to 9 in the morning. It has become a show loosely based on informing our listeners what comes into the library here at WPKN on a weekly basis, the live shows touring through our area augmented with live or pre-recorded interviews, and the community outreach of the folks and musicians that make up our neighborhood. Whether it’s Blues/Rock/Soul, R&B/Gospel, it is a feeling more than a specific genre. It is in the mix, and how it is presented to our listening audience.

Del LaPietro
Del LaPietroWPKN Board of Directors Library Director
I have been Library Director since August of 2012, and have been dubbed ‘the Anarchivist’ by a colleague, because of my interest in, dedication to, passion for preserving the past, present and future of the WPKN collection. This includes LPs, 45s, CDs, and digital formats, consisting of 39,000 pieces of vinyl, and 76,400 + CD’s along with countless files being added to the digital archive each week.
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