Sometimes Classical with Richard Epstein. Since 1977, Richard has explored a wide range of music and sound on his show “Sometimes Classical”, which is often decidedly not classical at all. A dentist by day, he is a classically-trained professional musician, a bassoonist and saxophone player, and founded a jazz club in his hometown of Westport, CT. Mixing the sounds of Mingus, Mahler, Mink Deville, Miles, Mozart and Moby might be followed by Pygmy field recordings or cartoon music. Interviews, live performances, and whatnot pepper the tossed salad. It’s like a game of aural solitaire that somehow retires the deck.

Richard Epstein
Richard EpsteinWPKN Board of Directors Fundraising and Development Director
Since 1977, Richard has explored a wide range of music and sound on his show Sometimes Classical.

By training, I am a classical musician — a professional bassoonist, and sometimes sax player. I am lucky enough to have a day-job as a dentist which makes living in Fairfield County possible. This allows me the time to pursue my real love — music and sound, in all forms. You name it — I have explored or played it on or off the air. The introduction to the new, the (re)discovery of something old or unfamiliar, is what interests me. And then there is the joy of exposing those less familiar with the depth of classical music, to the standards, and the wayward repertoire. There is always something new that I discover and my greatest joy is in sharing!

I have been on the air at WPKN since 1977, and it is a precious and important media outlet. I hope you will consider supporting this station.

Sometimes Classical, Oft-times Not.

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