Digging in the Dirt


Digging in the Dirt with Kevin Gallagher. The show is comprised of four parts: Digging World Jazz airs from 4 to 4:55 pm. At 4:55 pm, become Earth-aware with the weekly feature “GaiaGram environmental headlines from around a planet in crisis.” At 5 pm “Digging in the Dirt” is a half-hour long. Guests on “Digging in the Dirt” are Climate Change experts and activists, promoting organic and regenerative farming techniques, showing the way to grow healthier food in a way that respects the planet’s health. In addition to nationally known movers and shakers in this niche, Kevin loves to feature food authors, local farmers and gardeners pushing the envelope ...

Sustainable Long Island


Sustainable Long Island with Francesca Rheannon and Tony Ernst is a monthly series about issues of land use, water and energy resources, transportation and the food industries on the twin forks of Long Island. The program is heard on the 2nd Saturday at 9 am and on the 3rd Wednesday each month at 7:30 pm. Visit the program archives. Francesca Rheannon is an award-winning media professional who thinks a better world is possible. She is host and producer of Writers Voice, a weekly radio show & podcast featuring in-depth conversations with writers of all genres, airing on stations nationally since 2004. Francesca also co-produces Sustainable East ...

The Organic Farm Stand


The Organic Farm Stand airs on the 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month, from 12 Noon to 1 PM; with co-hosts: Richard Hill and Chris Ferrio & friends. The show presents News & Views for and from the organic community; including farming and gardening advice, listener call-ins and interviews with organic and food systems experts and activists. In loving memory of Guy Beardsley, whose knowledge and passion were a driving force for organic farming in Connecticut. My life is divided between directing the band, doing radio at WPKN, teaching music and dance (Swing and Salsa), and teaching and hosting youth radio programming. Learn More Learn More ...

The Forest and the Trees


The Forest and the Trees with Melinda Tuhus brings environmental champions together. Melinda Tuhus is an independent journalist with 25 years’ experience in print and radio, including In These Times, The New York Times, Free Speech Radio News, public radio outlets, and four years’ experience reporting for on-line publications, including Women's e-News, and the New Haven Independent. She has been a producer for Between the Lines for the past several years, as well as her own monthly show on WPKN, The Forest & the Trees: Global and Local Perspectives on the Environment. Learn More Listen on Soundcloud

Cosmic Perspective


Cosmic Perspective Radio with Andy Poniros, airs on the 4th Saturday of the month, from 10 to 11 AM. Many thanks to everyone at the Discovery Museum for recognizing me through the Leslie Birkmaier Award, for Public Awareness & Understanding of Space Science… and many thanks to the Best Radio Station on the Planet for allowing me to bring “Cosmic Perspective Radio” to so many people! Cosmic Perspective Radio features live and prerecorded interviews with Astronomers, Scientists, Astronauts, and Historians… NASA & JPL updates on Manned & Unmanned Space Missions… Monthly Night Sky Reports… Local Astronomy & Space Related Events… and some Music! In addition to Soundcloud, below, additional podcasts can be found ...


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