Cosmic Perspective Radio with Andy Poniros, airs on the 4th Saturday of the month, from 10 to 11 AM.

Many thanks to everyone at the Discovery Museum for recognizing me through the Leslie Birkmaier Award, for Public Awareness & Understanding of Space Science… and many thanks to the Best Radio Station on the Planet for allowing me to bring “Cosmic Perspective Radio” to so many people!

Cosmic Perspective Radio features live and prerecorded interviews with Astronomers, Scientists, Astronauts, and Historians… NASA & JPL updates on Manned & Unmanned Space Missions… Monthly Night Sky Reports… Local Astronomy & Space Related Events… and some Music! In addition to Soundcloud, below, additional podcasts can be found here.
Andy Poniros
Andy Poniros
Andy Poniros is an avid amateur astronomer, telescope maker, and a NASA / JPL Solar System Ambassador public outreach volunteer.

For more than 20 years his passion has been to inform and excite the public about the wonders of Astronomy & Space Exploration through telescope viewing and building, presentations, articles, and podcasts. Visit Andy’s website.

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