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Digging in the DirtDigging in the Dirt with Kevin Gallagher and his guests dig a little deeper into subjects and issues around growing food, gardening, farming, soil health and the climate crisis facing planet earth.  Digging in the Dirt airs at 5 p.m. on the Mondays Kevin is on air, and the 2nd Thursday of each month at noon. You can’t go wrong listening to Kevin, on the air, on the phone, or perhaps on one of his nearly 100 podcasts.

Kevin Gallagher
Kevin GallagherWPKN Board of Directors, Long Island Director
Kevin Gallagher likes to dig.

He especially enjoys digging in places he’s never dug before because he never knows what he’ll find. To know Kevin is to know he likes to share his treasures, whether it’s the garlic he dug out of the soil or the music he pulls up out of WPKNs musical well or a new ecological film he has invited all of WPKNs tribe to come and see. Kevin has evolved over the years into a world-class digger, although he’s not so much into ditch digging.

Do yourself a favor and tune into Kevin every other Monday from 4 p.m. -7 p.m. (The other Monday belongs to Pete Stewart). You may not know what music he’ll be digging in to, but you can bet there’ll be something old, something new and definitely something blues. And just when you don’t want the music to stop, he’ll introduce you to this week’s “Digging in the Dirt” expert, whom he’s dug up from his dynamic network of farmers, scientists and authors – all with very important things to say.

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