Music, Culture, Arts and Entertainment 7-24-2023

Music, Culture, Arts and Entertainment 7-24-2023

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Writer’s Voice with Francesca Rheannon

Ava Chin tells us about her stunning family memoir / history of the Chinese Exclusion Act in America, “Mott Street: A Chinese American Family’s Story of Exclusion and Homecoming.”

Then we talk with Tanis Rideout about her new novel, “The Sea Between Two Shores.” It’s about two families, one Canadian and one from an island in Vanuatu, who must deal with the legacy of colonialism in the South Pacific and the responsibilities they have to each other.

Monday, July 24 at 10:00 PM

East End Ink

Ecologist and author Carl Safina talks about his book “Becoming Wild: How Animal Cultures Raise Families, Create Beauty and Achieve Peace.” Recorded at Canios Books, Sag Harbor in June 2020.

Wednesday, July 26 at 6:30 AM (repeated at 8:00 PM) and archived.

Rockers Arena with Amy Wachtel

On Rockers Arena, host Amy Wachtel (aka the Night Nurse) welcomes Ansel Cridland, one of the founding members of the classic harmony trio, The Meditations. Considered the “elder statesmen” of the reggae roots-harmony genre, the trio was founded in Jamaica in the 1970s.

Friday, July 28 at around 2:30 PM.

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