Cheryl Magoveny
Cheryl MagovenyWPKN Board of Directors Treasurer
I have been on the air at WPKN since September 2018. I served on the Board of Directors as the Treasurer, and I volunteer for special committees when needed. I am inspired by WPKN in many ways. Most of all, in the way WPKN allows its programmers the freedom to explore and take full control of their show’s content. I am greatly impressed by the immense love all the programmers, volunteers, and staff have for the station. Because of this, our listeners can expect to hear the widest range of programming on radio today.

I am a native of New Haven, CT, but consider myself a Bostonian (New Yorkers, please, don’t hold it against me!). I have always loved music and wanted to be in the music world, but life’s twists and turns led me down a different path. Now that path has led me to WPKN, where I am given an opportunity to share music that touches my soul.

Since music emanates from the souls of musicians, travels through the air, and enters the listener’s soul, I thank Thomas Edison, et al., for contributing to the development of an instrument which ensures music is everlasting, and doesn’t float away into the universe (see: Library of Congress: History of the Cylinder Phonograph.)

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