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Cliff Furnald airs on Thursday Mornings, 7 to 10 AM — As democracy fades, Cliff plays music. New music. Old music. Local music. Music that is local somewhere else. Wherever you are, there you are. It might be jazz. It might not be. Might be folk, could be avant-garde. Rock music? Why not? It’s most unlikely that it will be opera, but you just can’t be sure. He will idly chatter from time to time, as well. But don’t worry, it never lasts too long.

You can find out more about what you hear on the program at RootsWorld.

Cliff Furnald
Cliff Furnald
Cliff Furnald brings music little heard on the radio or the mainstream, with great writers offering great insight. He is the founder of RootsWorld – a magazine of global folk and contemporary music and now a weekly radio program broadcast on two continents! Visit his website to learn more.
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