Between The Lines is a weekly syndicated half-hour news magazine featuring progressive perspectives on national and international political, economic and social issues.

Because Between The Lines is independent of all publications, media networks or political parties, we are able to bring a diversity of voices to the airwaves. This award-winning program provides a platform for individuals and organizations generally ignored or marginalized in corporate media.

Each week, Between The Lines features:
▪   A five-minute summary of some of the week’s under-reported news stories gathered from the alternative press and other sources.
▪   Three in-depth interview segments focusing on significant international, national and regional issues.

Our production staff includes journalists and community activists who have a passion for disseminating information and viewpoints that all too rarely reach the public. Our producers and writers are affiliated with community and professional media and non-governmental organizations. They contribute to regional and national media.


  • Scott Harris
  • Melinda Tuhus


  • Bob Nixon


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  • Elaine Osowski
  • Richard Hill
  • Anna Manzo
  • Nigel Victor Rees
  • Leslie Rudden

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Scott Harris
Scott Harris
Scott has worked in radio since his college days when he served as a DJ and then manager of a small college radio station in Western Massachusetts. When he came to WPKN 89.5 FM Bridgeport, Connecticut in 1973, Scott hosted a weekly blues music program that through the years featured an increasing number of public affairs interview segments. That show became Counterpoint in 1987. It continues to air every Monday evening from 8 – 10 PM, ET.

Scott is co-founder and current executive producer of Between The Lines, a syndicated, weekly, ½-hour radio newsmagazine, public affairs program, broadcast on fifty radio stations in the U.S. BTL celebrated its 20-year anniversary in 2011.

Melinda Tuhus
Melinda Tuhus
Melinda Tuhus is an independent journalist with 25 years’ experience in print and radio, including In These Times, The New York Times, Free Speech Radio News, public radio outlets, and four years’ experience reporting for on-line publications, including Women’s e-News, and the New Haven Independent. She has been a producer for Between the Lines for the past several years, as well as her own monthly show on WPKN, The Forest & the Trees: Global and Local Perspectives on the Environment.