News and Public Affairs 7-18-2022

News and Public Affairs 7-18-2022

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Counterpoint with Scott Harris

1) David Yaghoubian, Professor of History at California State University, San Bernardino, and author of “Ethnicity, Identity and the Development of Nationalism in Iran,” and “Struggle and Survival in the Modern Middle East,” takes a critical look at President Biden’s recent trip to the Middle East and his administration’s policy toward Israel/Palestine, relations with Saudi Arabia — and prospects for reviving the Iran nuclear deal.

2) Frederick Clarkson, Senior Research Analyst with Political Research Associates, and author of “Eternal Hostility: The Struggle Between Theocracy and Democracy,” discusses how Christian nationalist and Dominionist policies are being imposed by federal, state and local governments across the U.S., how this agenda threatens democracy and effective ways civil society can fight back.

3) Collin Rees, U.S. Program Manager at Oil Change International, talks about the Supreme Court ruling in the West Virginia v. EPA case — and how this decision will impact the nation’s ability to regulate carbon emissions, pollution and toxic chemicals going forward.  He’ll  also assess the recent spike in gas prices in the U.S., Big Oil’s push to expand fossil fuel extraction and production, and the Biden administration’s response.

4) Richard Silverstein, publisher of Tikun Olam, a website that exposes the secrets of the Israeli national security state, and writer whose work regularly appears in the Middle East Eye, The Nation and Jacobin Magazine, talks about his recent article, “AIPAC Astroturf Groups Plow Millions into Defeating Progressive Democrats.”

Monday, July 18 at 8:00 PM and in the WPKN archive.

Sustainable Long Island with Francesca Rheannon

Talks with Anne Rabe, communications director of the New York Public Interest Research Group, about environmental bills in the legislature.

Wednesday, July 20 at 6:30 AM (repeat at 8:00 PM) and archived.

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