News and Public Affairs 7-12-2021

News and Public Affairs 7-12-2021

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Counterpoint with Scott Harris

1) Kim Ives, a journalist and an editor at the weekly newspaper Haïti Liberté, with offices in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and Brooklyn, NY. He’s written about Haiti for many publications including The Guardian, The Nation, NACLA Report on the Americas, The Progressive, and Jacobin. Kim will talk about the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse, who may be responsible and the uncertain repercussions for the people of Haiti.

2) Alphecca Muttardy, a Macroeconomist, who worked for the International Monetary Fund for 25 years, now Chair on Economic Policy with Our Revolution in Northern Virginia, and an activist with the Coalition for the National Infrastructure Bank. She’ll discuss her group’s advocacy of establishing a fully funded, public, National Infrastructure Bank to pay for national infrastructure projects including, “high-speed rail, schools, dams and levees, public parks, affordable housing, or new water delivery projects.”

3) Kevin Gosztola, managing editor of the news website and producer and co-host of the weekly podcast, “Unauthorized Disclosure.” He’ll discuss recent developments in the U.S. effort to extradite Julian Assange from the UK, and the admission from a key witness that he had fabricated key accusati­ons against Assange that were included in the indict­ment against the WikiLeaks founder.

4) Kirsten Hopes-McFadden an eighth-grade social studies teacher at Engineering and Science University Magnet School in West Haven, talks about the coalition of groups that organized a rally at New Haven City Hall on July 11th, demanding an investigation into the city’s handling of the harm caused by former principal Laura Roblee to the Brennan Rogers Magnet School community regarding her use of a racist slur during a winter workshop on racism and inclusion.

Monday, July 12, 8 pm and archived.

First Voices Radio with Tiokasin Ghosthorse

As we’ve reported before on First Voices Radio, since April tens of thousands of Colombians have been protesting in the streets in just about every part of the country, demanding change in the government’s social economic program, its response to the COVID pandemic, and respect for human rights. From the outset, the Colombian State tried to block the protests, first through a court order forbidding the protests, then with security forces responding with violence. The results have been alarming. With that in mind, an international fact-finding mission is currently in Colombia to investigate some of these developments. Hofstra University professor Mario Murillo is accompanying the mission, and he joins us from Bogotá.

Our returning guest in the second half-hour is Max Wilbert. In January 2021, Max launched an occupation of a proposed lithium mine at Thacker Pass in northern Nevada. Max is a writer, organizer and wilderness guide, and has been part of grassroots political work for nearly 20 years.

Tuesday, July 13 at 12:00 noon.

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