News and Public Affairs 11-22-2021

News and Public Affairs 11-22-2021

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Counterpoint with Scott Harris

1) Ruth Ben-Ghiat, Professor of History and Italian Studies at New York University discusses her recent article, Welcome to the Age of Lawless Masculinity,” and her views on the rise of armed white supremacist groups in the US, the embrace of extremism and violence within the Republican Party, and the threat to our democracy.

2) Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Code Pink Women for Peace and Global Exchange, talks about her article, Cubans More Excited About School Reopening Than Regime Change,” and the motivation for & consequences of President Biden’s Cuba policy.

3) Kathy Kelly, life-long nonviolence activist, co-founder of Voices for Creative Nonviolence and co-coordinator of the Ban Killer Drones Campaign, discusses the dire situation in Afghanistan, where millions of people now face widespread famine, touching on many of the issues raised in her recent article, To Counter Terror, Abolish War.”

4) Lela Florel, Director of the CT-based Preserve Remington Woods campaign, discusses the current effort to preserve Remington Woods, a beautiful 420-acre tract of land which was originally owned by the Remington Arms Company located in both Bridgeport and Stratford, CT.

Monday, November 22, 8 pm and archived.

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