Music, Culture, Arts and Entertainment 4-10-2023

Music, Culture, Arts and Entertainment 4-10-2023

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Spotlight on Arts & Culture with David Green

In the next Spotlight on Arts & Culture we examine the power of creative expression as a means of coping and healing in the context of the current state of our world. Our guests are:

  • Dianne Niklaus, a Creative Wellness coach and our guide through this landscape
  • Darcy Hicks, visual artist and co-director of education at The Norwalk Art Space
  • Felicity Kostakis, artist and art teacher
  • Tatiana Mori, Director of the Greenwich Arts Council (which is presenting Healing Voices, a series of concert/lectures in collaboration with The Yale Voice Center at Greenwich Hospital)
  • Patricia Spugani, Community Outreach & Lighting Designer at Town Players of New Canaan (which recently produced the play, “Ordinary People” to contribute to the conversation on issues of mental health)

Monday, April 10 at 12:00 noon

The Jazz Sound with Rick Petrone

Rick’s special guest on Monday during the 3 o’clock hour will be Hailey Brinnel trombonist, vocalist and educator based in Philadelphia. She was a finalist in the 2021 Sarah Vaughn International Jazz Vocal Competition and was featured on Spotify’s Best Vocal Jazz of 2022 editorial playlist. Her critically acclaimed sophomore album Beautiful Tomorrow was released in 2023 and features trumpeter Terrell Stafford. She is currently on the faculty at The University of the Arts, The Kimmel Center. Tune in!

Monday, April 10 at 3:00 PM

Writer’s Voice with Francesca Rheannon

We talk with Leila Philip about beavers, a keystone species that we need to protect as we face the challenges of climate chaos. Her book is “Beaver Land: How One Weird Rodent Made America.”

Next, noting that the Day of Transgender Visibility was last week, we bring you an excerpt from our 2019 interview with Mimi LeMay about her memoir, “What We Will Become.” It’s about how her family learned to come to terms with the fact that their child was transgender — and how they came to support him.

Monday, April 10 at 10:00 PM

Radio Base Camp with Steve di Costanzo

On Radio Base Camp, an in-studio interview and ‘guest DJ’ event with Michael Friedman and Roger Kaufman. Music manager and producer Michael Friedman launched his career in the mid-1960s working with folk, blues, and rock & roll musicians who became legends. Also an avid photographer, he kept a visual record of the artists he worked with and their performances. His book, “Exposed: The Lost Negatives and Untold Stories of Michael Friedman” presents his images and behind-the-scenes stories of artists including Janis Joplin, The Rolling Stones, The Band, Levon Helm, Todd Rundgren and many more.

Tuesday, April 11 at 7:00 AM

Tidings from Hazel Kahan

This month on Tidings from Hazel Kahan, social thinker, writer and speaker, Dougald Hine, who is originally from the northeast of England but now lives in Central Sweden. His new book “At Work in the Ruins, Finding Our Place in the Time of Science, Climate Change, Pandemics and All the Other Emergencies,” examines the vectors of industrial modernity that have shaped us and produced “the trouble we are in.” He ends the book with some ideas for living “among the ruins” and what might be worth doing and saving “in a time of endings” of the world as we know it.

Wednesday, April 12 at 6:30 AM (repeat at 8:00 PM) and archived.

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