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Mikki’s Room with Mikki Barnes airs Saturday Night, 10 PM to 2 AM –

My shows feature music from the themes listed below with an occasional spoken word for punctuation. Month’s with five Saturdays, the month of February, and the 1st Saturday in April are special. All shows include dedications to people doing time, veterans, the listeners, and those behind the walls of circumstance!

1st Saturday – “Blue Roads”: when you’ll hear some of my favorite artists.
2nd Saturday – “The Teachers”: which takes us back to (mostly) Jazz from the past.
3rd Saturday – “Soul’s Place”: pays homage to the great R&B, and Soul artists.
4th Saturday – “Rivers”: playing Reggae/African sounds
Whenever there’s a 5th Saturday – “Sacred Spirits”: all Native American music and stories.
During February I play a lot of Black History – all spoken word.
On the 1st Saturday in April I play the music of Marvin Gaye & Gil Scott-Heron.

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Attn: Mikki’s Room
244 University Ave
Bridgeport CT  06604-7775

Mikki Barnes
Mikki Barnes
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