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La Esquina Latinawith Luis and Edwin

La Esquina Latina began in 1974 with the sole purpose of bringing the Latino culture into the homes of WPKNs listening audience, regardless of ethnicity or language spoken.

Presented in English and the occasional Spanish, LEL focuses on the cultural significance of the lyrics, the syncopated rhythms, and the melodic runs of Puerto Rican and Afro-Cuban song, Latin Jazz and other indigenous Latin American influences.

More importantly, it has always been about the music and not the person behind the microphone. Projecting a social and time-honored cultural consciousness has always been at the base of LEL’s purpose.

Put on your dancing shoes, or just sit back and enjoy the music, and be prepared to be entertained as well as educated!

Que Viva La Musica!

Lou Pomales
Lou Pomales
Lou Pomales, El Rey de Musica Latina en WPKN. Donate, contribute, & help keep WPKN going strong — ¡Millon gracias, Lou!

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