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esoterica et cetera: Am I still in this world? Sometimes “It’s A Crapshoot.” Lots of interesting music; it’s a challenging listen — avant-garde, jazz, whacko, progressive, psychedelic, bagpipes and other drones, and more, sometimes all at once! Annual Kinks special when I get around to it, and now The Gonzo Memorial Improv Club — a live performance series forged in the maelstrom that is esoterica et cetera.

esoterica et cetera with Jeff Day can be heard the first Friday each month, 10 pm – 2 am and the early edition on the third Saturday each month, 7 pm – 10 pm.

Jeff Day
Jeff Day
Jeff Day has been exploring sonic anomalies and the spaces in between since the early 1990’s with esoterica et cetera. He is a musician and has played with Scottish pipe bands, avant rock, psyche/prog and free improv ensembles. Using the radio station as an instrument he strives to guide the listener on a sonic journey to places they may not expect to go.
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