Music, Sacred and Profane with host Nick Jacobs.

Nick Jacobs
Nick Jacobs
Nick Jacobs hosts Music, Sacred and Profane. Nick grew up in North Yonkers, Manhattan, went to school at UCLA, Prague, and London Film School; then grew down working as pub cleaner and projectionist in London, photographer in NYC, and CT, (Liz Claiborne, Hermes, H. Stern) and as a theater person in NYC, and CT, with the Grumbling Gryphons, and solo doing programs in schools, and libraries re: Shakespeare, poetry, cameras, seafaring, and storytelling. He lives in the northwest corner of CT, with his collections of typewriters, cameras and rucksacks. He also works as Nick the Knife sharpening service. Call for a free quote- no cutting remarks. MALAGUTI!

Photo courtesy of Jeff Wignall.

(PS he also likes to do renaissance style egg-oil glaze portraits and landscapes on commission- call for a free quote. N.J.)

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