Capital Radio with Colette Rossignol is a little Rock-n-Roll radio show on the 2nd Saturday of the month. Colette inherited the Saturday Night slot from Brad Morrison and kept the “Capital Radio” theme to honor Brad’s good work and made it her own. Her love of guitars, bass and drums is the driving force behind the show. You will hear a wide variety of mostly guitar-based music from these genres – punk, pop, alternative, new wave, some soul, ska, R&B, blues and country. New bands from around the world and great American music, too.

Sometimes it’s three chords and an attitude (think Ramones or Clash) other times its great pop/powerpop/punk pop where we revel in the beauty of descending lines, modulation, harmony and twelve-string guitars.

Join me for some great music and remember “don’t touch that dial!”

Colette Rossignol
Colette Rossignol
Colette started at WPKN in 1982 presenting “Capital Radio” and continues on programming both a Rock-N-Roll and her “Blues for Bob and You” show. She loves feedback, twelve-string guitars, great blues harmonica players along with classic and contemporary Blues and Rock-N-Roll. Send messages & playlist requests to: [email protected].
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