A Little Bit of Everything with Bob Anderson first Saturday of each month and the second Friday of each month from 4 to 7 pm.

The theme of the show changes like the weather, with whatever is topical at the moment. It usually begins with a canoe ride through the beautiful bayou while listening to the symphony of crickets, frogs and tropical birds. It’s almost like we’re really there. After that anything’s possible! From the second line rhythms of Huey Smith, to the sophisticated compositions of Thelonius Monk, to the classic British rock of The Kinks, to the deep funk of Jimmy Smith, and the soul music of James Brown; you’re never quite sure what you’ll hear on A Little Bit of Everything.

One thing is certain- You’re going to discover something new every time.
I guarantee!

Bob Anderson
Bob Anderson
Musician, record guy, programmer, and music industry consultant who loves family, friends, work, play, and life.