The new album from Tuvan singer Sainkho Namtchylak.  Namtchylak learned the technique of throat singing from her grandmother (it was normally considered a male preserve) and this, along with other vocal styles she grew up with, informs her work, though it does not define it. She has had a long career exploring new approaches to singing through experimentation and working alongside artists from different backgrounds. Improvisation is at the heart of much of what she does and that is, by definition, music made in the moment. One surprise here is that whilst we have become accustomed to Ian Brennan’s releases taking us to far-flung and seldom celebrated corners of the earth, Where water meets water: Bird songs & lullabies was recorded on his home turf, on the abandoned islands of the waters around Venice, where he has lived for the last decade. – From Mike Adcock’s review in RootsWorld