Underground Dispatch


Get ready for a wide range of sounds from the electronic and hip hop realms! DJ Daysix will blast you with the heaviest bass and the funkiest breaks, while Xavior Varien is a master of the 4 on the floor techno and house styles! There will also be special guests twice a month around the midnight hour to shake things up a bit… see you on the dance floor! DJ Daysix brings you the best underground electronic music and hip hop from all corners of the subgenres! Learn More Xavior Varien is a techno house and anything fun dj. Learn More



Binwanka broadcasts various types of electronic music from the past, present, and future. Tune into WPKN 89.5 FM every third Friday from 2:30 am to 6 am, every second and every fourth Monday 11 pm - 2 am to hear a variety of genres including chiptune, vaporware, house, ambient and other experimental compositions. Binwanka is a generalist experimenting with art, design, and technology and has been a programmer at WPKN since 2018. Learn more about Binwanka by visiting his website. Learn More


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