News and Public Affairs 9-27-2021

News and Public Affairs 9-27-2021

2021-09-27T13:19:24-04:00September 27th, 2021|Blog, Weekly Guests|Comments Off on News and Public Affairs 9-27-2021

Counterpoint with Scott Harris

1) Aaron Scherb, Director of Legislative Affairs with Common Cause, talks about the work his group is doing to pass the Freedom to Vote Act and other measures to protect democracy from Republican Party attacks.

2) Peter Maybarduk, Director of Public Citizens Global Access to Medicines Program, discusses President Biden’s Sept. 22nd COVID Summit meeting with world leaders, and Public Citizen’s concern that the U.S. and wealthy nations are not doing what’s necessary to expand the world’s vaccine supply and facilitate distribution in order to end the global coronavirus pandemic.

3) Candice Bernd, senior editor/staff reporter at discusses her recent article, “Activists Ramp Up Pressure on Biden Administration Ahead of UN Climate Talks,” and issues related to the role of the fossil fuel industry and Republican Party in blocking Congressional climate legislation.

4) Jemima Pierre, Associate Professor with the Department of African American Studies/Department of Anthropology at the University of California, Los Angeles, and Coordinator of the Black Alliance for Peace’s Haiti and the Americas Committee talks about the current plight of Haitian refugees on the U.S. southern border and her recent article, “Borders, Blackness, and Empire.”

Monday, September 27, 8 pm and archived.

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