News and Public Affairs 1-16-2023

News and Public Affairs 1-16-2023

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Counterpoint with Scott Harris

1) Wajahat Ali, a Daily Beast columnist and author of the book, “Go Back to Where You Came From: And Other Helpful Recommendations on How to Become American,” discusses his recent article, “Kevin McCarthy Learned What Happens When You Dance With Arsonists,” what we can expect from the GOP House, and how the corporate media will cover their vindictive and retaliatory hearings over the next two years.

2) Craig Johnson, a scholar whose work is focused on the right wing and the Catholic Church in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Spain ― and host of the weekly “Fifteen Minutes of Fascism” podcast, examines former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s supporters attack on Brasilia, the nation’s capitol, and his recent Jacobin Magazine article: “Lula Is Giving a Lesson in How to Respond to Right-Wing Attacks on Democracy.”

3) Will Rice, Policy Consultant with Americans for Tax Fairness, talks about the new GOP-controlled House vote to repeal $72 billion of IRS funding included in the Inflation Reduction Act―funding which would allow the IRS to crack down on millionaires, billionaires, and corporations who dodge hundreds of billions of dollars they owe in taxes each year.

4) Dr. Jared Ball, Professor in Multiplatform Production at Morgan State University, discusses the true legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and how his values and activism for peace and social justice have been sanitized over the years, deliberately ignoring his call for radical social change.

Monday, January 16 at 8:00 PM and in the WPKN archive.

Some segments featured on Counterpoint are edited for re-broadcast on the syndicated Between The Lines radio news magazine. An archive of current and past Counterpoint interviews is accessible for free.  The full 2-hour unedited program can be accessed for a 2 week period after the show, at the WPKN Radio archives.

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