Music, Culture, Arts and Entertainment 1-2-2023

Music, Culture, Arts and Entertainment 1-2-2023

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Writer’s Voice with Francesca Rheannon

We talk with garden columnist Jeff Lowenfells about his book, “Teaming with Bacteria.” It’s the fourth in his groundbreaking series about building the soil microbiome to create a flourishing soil food web.

Then we hear excerpts from our 2022 interviews with Bill McKibben, Mohsin Hamid and Keri Blakinger.

Monday, January 2 at 10:00 PM.

First Voices Indigenous Radio with Tiokasin Ghosthorse

Tiokasin Ghosthorse’s guest this week on First Voices Radio is Curtis Zunigha, co-director of cultural affairs for The Lenape Center, based in New York City. The center promotes the history and culture of the Lenape people (whose original homeland of Lenapehoking encompasses parts of NY, NJ and PA) through the arts, environmental advocacy, social justice, and agricultural practices. Curtis is a citizen of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma.

Tuesday, January 3 at 12:00 noon.

North Fork Works with Hazel Kahan

This month Hazel Kahan’s guests on North Fork Works are mushroom farmer-artists Agathe Snow and Anthony Holbrooke, who will tell us what they had to learn to start their Mattituck Mushrooms farm during the pandemic, the potential mushrooms have for solving global food problems and what mushrooms look like when seen through their artists’ eyes.

Wednesday, January 4 at 6:30 AM (repeat at 8:00 PM) and archived.

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