About This Program

Speaking to Your Spirit with Cheryl A. Palmer is a show that speaks to your mind, body, and spirit through personal testimonies, spoken word, and great musica! Cheryl creates a platform that allows people to showcase their passion, purpose, and gift!

Speaking to your Spirit is on the second Saturday of the month from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Cheryl A. Palmer
Cheryl A. Palmer
Cheryl did radio, television, and theater while living in Washington DC and Richmond, Virginia for many years. In 2011, she became a volunteer and new member of the WPKN radio family of the culturally diverse and loves every moment of it.

Cheryl’s favorite quote is:
Life was not designed to be negative. There is positivity in everything….you decide! C.A. Palmer 2018

Favorite artist: All genres especially old school classics; too many to note.

Favorite thing about WPKN: We are all uniquely qualified to bring you good music.

Favorite episode: There are lots of them.

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