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So Many Records So Little Time with Kevin Patrick is a sprawling mix of styles and eras, starting in the ’50s, heating up by the ’60s and onward, right through to the present. A favorite challenge is crisscrossing genres. I love it all, I play it all. Check out my recent playlist.

Kevin Patrick
Kevin Patrick
Kevin Patrick: artist manager, label owner, A&R executive, radio promotion veteran, broadcaster and as well, an obsessed record collector.

The obsession with music began as a young child, watching his older cousins, who supplied jukeboxes in a small town outside of Syracuse, New York. Particularly passionate about the British Invasion, he convinced a local radio station to give him a weekly supply of records, and as a kid forged press passes to meet bands like The Rolling Stones and The Kinks in their early heyday, as well as Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Them, The Who and Ike & Tina Turner amongst many.

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