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Balagan with Kevin Gallagher is heavy on the ’60s & ’70s, new artists, Boogie Blues, Blues-Rock, Alt-country, Folk, Funk, Acid Jazz, World Music and Latin Jazz. Drop-in every other Monday 4-7 pm for musical meanderings with Kevin Gallagher. He’ll drop the bucket down WPKN’s musical well and see what he drags up.

“I know where things will start out, but I’m never quite sure where we’ll end up. It’s all about playing any kind of music that fires me up, with the occasional Interview thrown in”.

Kevin Gallagher
Kevin GallagherWPKN Board of Directors, Long Island Director
Kevin has been the radio host of an eclectic music & interview radio program at WPKN radio in CT, for over 40 years. It’s called Balagan and can be found on WPKN 89.5 fm alternate Mondays 4-7pm.

Kevin is Producer/Host of “Digging in the Dirt” a 1/2 interview program aired at 5 pm, focusing on gardening, farming, food issues and the environment.

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