Greeting Cards from Ralph Baskin Photography


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Photographer and WPKN volunteer Ralph Baskin from Ridgefield has printed a series of 5 images on 5 x 7 card stock with envelopes.  10 packages available with 5 cards.  Pledge $60

The cards are custom printed and are scenes from the WPKN area – Silver Sands State Park in Milford, Pequonnock River Valley in Trumbull, and Sherwood Island State Park in Westport.

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10 in stock



Meet the Artist


Born & raised New Yorker now in CT. Photographically drawn to landscapes/cityscapes as well as cars and music. Infrared is a favorite genre.

Artist’s Statement:

There are always dichotomies in life, both personal and in the greater world.

Photographically, I’ve been presented with two dichotomies in the manner of my landscape work.

As often as not, I’m taken by the small details of the natural landscape as they compete with the grander scale of ‘traditional’ landscapes.  Close-up and macro photography presents an abstract of the greater view, conveying the intimacies of the environment in ways unavailable in a more expansive view.

The second choice I’m presented with is visible spectrum (full color) vs. the infrared spectrum. The non-visible spectrum reveals a different realm and can create a dreamy or stark image.  Multiple options in processing and/or black & white conversion send me down paths I could not predict on-site while capturing the image; new perspectives created by the unseen.

Infrared currently represents almost 50% of all my photographic work (including non-landscape) and I often take the same scene in both spectrums with an eye to creating a juxtaposition of the frames to invite the viewer to grasp or grapple with the unseen.

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