Kevin Gallagher
Kevin GallagherWPKN Board of Directors, Long Island Director
Kevin Gallagher is a documentary producer & videographer for Audio/Video independent productions and legal video work.

Passionate about WPKN radio as a DJ since 1972. Kevin has held many positions at WPKN. Program Director, Fundraising Director and Benefits Director and most recently Long Island Director.

Kevin loves live music, our ecology, progressive politics, gourmet cooking, good red wine, detective novels, John Garfield movies and gardening.

His musical tastes run the gamut from new artists, Jazz, Boogie Blues, Blues-Rock, Alt-country, Folk, Funk, Acid Jazz, World Music and Latin Jazz. Tune in every other Monday 4-7 p.m. for musical meanderings with Kevin Gallagher. He’ll drop the bucket down WPKN’s musical well and see what he drags up.

“I know where things will start out, but I’m never quite sure where we’ll end up. It’s all about playing any kind of music that fires me up, with the occasional interview thrown in.”

Digging In The Dirt” is a ½ hour interview program where Kevin and his guests, leading thinkers, dig a little deeper into issues surrounding climate change, the environment, farming, gardening and food, airing at 5 pm on alternate Mondays and also at noon on every 2nd Thursday of each month.

Kevin produces GaiaGram a 4-minute segment featuring a recap of the current environmental headlines from around a planet in crisis. It airs at 4:55 pm every Monday and at other various times in the WPKN programming schedule.

On My Balagan Kevin talks with musicians, pundits, and activists.

Kevin shares every other Monday, from 4-7 PM, with Pete Stewart.

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