Cheryl A. Palmer
Cheryl A. Palmer
Cheryl A. Palmer is an Artist, Advocate, Radio Personality, Innovator, and U.S. Navy Veteran. Cheryl has been a resource to the community for well over 20 years educating in health, motivation, education, and leadership. Her goal is to provide a quality of knowledge to any group that she addresses. She wants to create a learning atmosphere for those who seek answers to receive answers. Her philosophy is “quality begets quality” which is demonstrated in all of her outreaching efforts. Her knowledge is provided to schools, to corporations, to medical facilities, to churches, and to the community.

Ms. Palmer has educated over 10,000 individuals through seminars, workshops, and classroom instruction. Equally, she develops programmatic and strategic planning curricula on the Local, State and, National levels that addresses matters of compliance, quality control, and quality assurance. In February 2009, “Resourcez Unlimited” joined forces with the world of internet technology to give birth to “ I-Health Resource” a health and wellness resourceful entity on the web which aired weekly on and AND in May 2010, she was the Executive Producer of “I-Health Resource Extra” which aired every Thursday evening on Comcast cable television.

In September of 2011, Cheryl became a volunteer and a new member of the WPKN/89.5 FM radio family of the culturally diverse which includes music enthusiasts, musicians, entrepreneurs, and artists.

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